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   What Happens If Your Car Breaks Down

If your car breaks down

If your vehicle breaks down, there are a few steps you should follow. As soon as you think that your car has a problem it is best to act immediately. Read the following advice below to make sure that you are properly prepared if you do have a problem.

How to Use a Motorway

Always make yourself seen by putting on your headlights and hazard warning lights. Use the hard shoulder in emergencies if you think you won't be able to make it to the next exit. Park on the far left of the hard shoulder as near as you can to an emergency phone. Emergency phones are spaced every half-mile. If you can't get to the hard shoulder, switch your hazard warning lights on. When there is a safe gap in the traffic, walk over to the hard shoulder. Never stay in your car and always leave your car by the left-hand side and move any passengers away onto the banking or further away if possible. Your animals should be kept securely inside the vehicle. You must only go back to your car if you feel you are at risk from other vehicles.

Once your car has been repaired build up speed on the hard shoulder before pulling out into the traffic. But do keep a look out for any other vehicles parked on the hard shoulder. Never repair the vehicle yourself in such a dangerous position. Walk to the emergency telephone and contact your recovery service - these SOS telephones are free to use. Rescue services can find your location and tell the police about your situation. Most breakdown services promise to get to you as a priority.

Using Other Roads

Put on your hazard warning lights and if you have a reflective jacket and/or a warning triangle, use them to make yourself seen. If possible get out of the traffic and get your car off the road and park it in a safe position so that it doesn't cause an obstruction. Keep your passengers safe and lead them away from your car if you think it could be hit by passing vehicles. It is actually best to stay in your vehicle with the sidelights and heater on. Stay with your vehicle and wait in safety for your recovery service. If you feel you can't repair your car yourself, contact your breakdown service. Find out exactly where you've broken down to help them find you.

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